Projects & Publications

Inquiry and Review

Large systemic inquiry

2020 – 21: Review of Governance of the Diocese of Parramatta (with Adj Prof Murray Baird)
2019: Functional and Structural Review of the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth Administration Centre (with Prof David Gilchrist)
2017: Inquiry (with Prof Deborah Brennan) into Early Childhood Education for the Council for the Australian Federation resulting in the Lifting our Game Report
2017- 18: Review of Catholic education provision in Tasmania (with KPMG)
2009–2010: Commissioner on 2009 Royal Commission into Victoria's Bushfires
2008–09: Chair, State Services Authority (SSA) inquiry into Indigenous Employment
2008–09: Co-Chair, SSA inquiry into the consolidation and governance of Victoria's regulatory bodies
2006–07: Chair, SSA inquiry into the regulation of the Not-for-Profit sector.
1998-1999: Chair, Victorian Curriculum and Standards Framework Review
1994-2004: Member of Civics Expert Group reporting to Prime Minister and Civics Education Group reporting to Education Ministers
1991-1992: Member, Australian Education Council's (AEC) Review Committee into the Education and Training of 15 – 19 year olds in Australia (the Mayer Committee)
1991-1992: Member AEC's Review Committee into the education of Girls in Australian Schools

Intra-system inquiry

2004: Commissioned inquiry into the contribution of Catholic education to the Victorian economy and society.
2004: Commissioned inquiry into the welfare needs of students in Catholic schools
2004: Commissioned inquiry into the affordability of Catholic schools
2003: Commissioned inquiry into service delivery from the Catholic Education Office, Melbourne
2002: Investigation into cheating in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) for Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)
2001: Commissioned inquiry into the human resource needs of the VCAA
1989-2001: Participated in numerous inquiries into the viability and effectiveness of Victorian Catholic schools

Organisational, strategic and board review and professional appraisal

2021: IPC Health Board Review
2020: Chief Executive appraisal, Catholic Schools NSW
2019 – 20: Review of Secretariat, National Catholic Education Commission
2019: Review of Victorian Legal Services Commission Board
2019: Review of Westgate Health Co-operative Board
2018–19: Strategic Plan review and update for St Vincent de Paul Society NSW (with BaxterLawley)
2019: Review of Education Governance in the Diocese of Broken Bay (with Adj Prof Murray Baird)
2003- 06: Oversight of initiative to improve school and principal review in Catholic schools
2003-06: Oversight of initiative to strengthen the evidence base of school improvement in Catholic schools

Leadership and Management

Public administration

2012-2017: Inaugural Commissioner, Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)
2009-2010: Commissioner, 2009 Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission
2006-08 and 2010-2011: Commissioner, State Services Authority


2019-present: Independent Member, Kindergarten Reform Implementation Board, Victoria
2003-2006: Chair and Chief Executive, Catholic Education Commission of Victoria
2003-2006: Director of Catholic Education, Archdiocese of Melbourne
2001-2003: CEO Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
2000: Leader of Australian Delegation to UN World Education Forum in Senegal
1993-2001: Co-ordinating Chairperson, Policy (and School Services) Catholic Education Office, Melbourne
1998-2000: National President, Australian College of Educators
1998-1999: Chair, Curriculum and Standards Framework Review


1994: Harvard University, Visiting Scholar


Public administration

2006 – 2008 Chair, Australian National Commission for UNESCO. Member from 1999–2006, and delegate to General Conference in Paris in 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2007
1995-2001: Deputy Chairperson, and Member, National Advisory Council on Australian Archives
1993: Member, Australian Delegation to the OECD, Paris


2010-2016: Chair of National Education Board for Loreto and FCJ schools
2004-2006: Board Member, Curriculum Corporation
2003-2006: Member, National Catholic Education Commission (NCEC) and NCEC Executive
2001-2009: Director, Senate of Australian Catholic University
1998-2000: National President, Australian College of Educators
1994-2004: Member, Civics Expert Group reporting to Prime Minister and later Civics Education Group
1994-1995: Member, Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board
1992-2001 Executive Member, Victorian Board of Studies
1991-1992: Member, AEC's Mayer Committee, reviewing the education and training of 15 to 19 year olds in Australia
1991-1992: Member, AEC's Review Committee on the Education of Girls in Australian Schools
199-1992: Member of Council, Institute of Educational Administration, Geelong


2018-present: Trustee of St John of God Health
2018-present: Board Member, Mercy Health
2007-2011: Board Member, Cabrini Health and Chair of Patient Experience and Clinical Governance Committee

Educational Policy Analysis, Development and Review

Education Planning

2003-2006: Chair of block Grant Authority of Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV) determining planning directions and allocating capital grants

Curriculum and Standards Review

1998-1999: Chair, Victorian Curriculum and Standards Framework Review, preparatory to leading to revised Year 10 (P-10) curriculum

Development of policy related to assessment for P-12 in Victorian schools

1997-2001: Chair of Assessment Committee of Victorian Board of Studies (VBOS)

Senior Secondary curriculum review

1997: Member of committee reviewing VCE

Development of standards and curriculum for P-12 for Victorian schools

1992-2001: Executive member VBOS

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

Emergency Management

2009: Consultation with communities directly affected by the Black Saturday bushfires

Public administration

2008: Consultation with Indigenous Victorians and professional bodies nationally associated with employment of Indigenous people
2008: In-house consultation with Secretaries of Victorian Government Departments on the design and effectiveness of Victorian regulatory bodies
2006: Consultation with NFP organisations and professionals regarding regulation of the sector


2003: Consultation with Bishops, principals and parents on the effectiveness of service delivery from the Catholic EOM
1993: Consultation with teachers and parents on the introduction of statewide assessment for Victorian students (the LAP)
1989-2001: Numerous consultations with all stakeholders in local communities on the viability and effectiveness of local Catholic schools

Reflective Practice: Publications

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Public administration

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